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ikaw na, the best ka


😭 #vscocam #nikon  (at Residencia de Seguia)

😭 #vscocam #nikon (at Residencia de Seguia)

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Always. Play the music 🎶🎶 #vscocam

Always. Play the music 🎶🎶 #vscocam

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Orange. Pink. Red #vscocam

Orange. Pink. Red #vscocam


Miss Tourism 2014 General Santos - Fashion Show

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currently making my portfolio. pft.

currently making my portfolio. pft.

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20 Facts About Me

thanks for tagging me @mitchrldn @gylvilches . 😲 I just decided to create this 20 facts about me:

1. a 20-year old fat boy and a son of God. Amen

2. humble yet comically boastful…an irony I can’t explain. :)

3. got only a rating of 5 in sociability in Gordon Personal Profile which means I am not used to engage activities with other people. 

4. most people say and agree that I have a nose for art. (layout, painting and the like)

5. on a regular basis, i take up drugs— Vitamin C.

6. I have an onion-like emotion. I cry too easily.

7. A no-man-is-an-island person. It’s really hard to pretend that I am okay whenever I am not with my closest friend in school.

8. I need affirmation before I can decide. Always

9. I have a compulsive smile. Consistency! haha.

10. Forgiving is a must, forgetting is an option. 

11. Unimaginably, I perspire a lot even if I am not exerting too much effort… like a gallon of sweat in a minute (that is why handkerchief is always a part of my life) wuaaa.

12. I was once an editorial cartoonist of our School Paper during my high school years. haha. I never expected to become one.

13. because of my second name christ/IAN/, my housemates call me “yayan”.

14. musically inclined? yes. haha. playing guitar is a hobby.

15. literally, i take loads of selfie but not uploading any of those. When I say loads, you just can’t count the number of selfies i have in my phone. haha!

16. Photography is my part-time job. Too mainstream :3

17. Moody. No one could talk to me whenever i am not in the mood. Better quiet and just keep your mouth shut. lol

18. Shoes are my babies.

19. I really admire the courses my parents took up in college. father: accountancy. mother: chemical engineering.

20. there’s always this one person who appreciates my eyes. Thanks a lot friend! :)

now… let us see yours. @jayknowdean @heisgorgeous05 @iamjlg

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Miss Tourism General Santos- Fashion Show.

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shameless plug. mind to follow me? 
instagram: @ebbseguia


shameless plug. mind to follow me? 

instagram: @ebbseguia

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school stuff.busy schedule.leaves are in darkness *sigh


school stuff.busy schedule.leaves are in darkness *sigh