Glimpse of Oneself


Straightforward explanation on myself:

An affectionate person lives in a loving world. I was born in General Santos City in the 28th day of May 1994. I am a moody person. I seldom talk to anyone even in my parents and siblings when I am at this mode. I play guitar when I am bored. I love to travel in many different places here in our country together with my family. Thus, when we travel, I capture sceneries which my naked eyes find it enthralling. I really love Photography, because it serves as my outlet and through it, i know i can inspire others. I have freedom to convey what I feel every moment I do it, we preserve memories─ moments that would last a lifetime.

Life is an unremitting battle. It’s not always a life of plenty and abundance, not always joy and laughter, nor a life full of effortless things. We may encounter destitution’s  but when we already experience these things, a lot of lessons will teach us. We will learn how to be patient, to wait and hope for the best in life to come, we will learn how to bear the problems and endure. We must not forget to seek guidance from above ‘cause it’s vital. Put God first in everything you do, because He prepares good gift at the end… beyond our expectations, more than our wishes and greater than anyone’s plan. Big things happen when you put God in your heart, mind and soul.

Grasping what I wanted to turn out to be in the future is my aspiration that’s why I am fervent to know what is more to life. I am no intellect and I have imperfections and flaws but my arms are wide-open to accept things in order to learn. You are nothing but a dim-witted human organism if you do not know how to accept failures and judgments from other people. Learning is a continuous process; and it’ll remain as that. We must fulfill our dreams and not wait for someone to do something for us. There is no harm in dreaming. Do not let it be a series of “what ifs”; live life to the fullest…laugh, cry, shout, dance, jump, eat, crawl and pray, for at the end of the of the day, everything will be nothing but a memory. 

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